A selection of books. Rating of the best books.

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A selection of books. Rating of the best books.[modifier]

Have you had heard of Russian essays?

Probably, not. Well, then, you will need the opportunity in order to plunge into the more original subtypes of essays for solid foreigner, so as boyar essays, Old Slavic essays, historical Russian imagination besides much more! Sounds original, doesn't it?
The oldest Russian online imagination and sci-fi library [https://zelluloza.ru] brings you the most beautiful stories from opitniy authors. 
How make you such the story of how a young scientist, working for the decision penny, pulls Soviet science into the shining distance? 
Or about solid Soviet athlete who saves Olympic gold medals in heaps for gratuitous? In any books  the USSR is a fabulous power where the most awesome metamorphoses borrow place with the fallen. In order in order start reading with this book, you exactly necessary to register connect the Zelluloza.ru platform! 
The at first chapter of each book (besides will be found over 1,300 of them in the fantasy genre) is available for valinomycin. This will be able present you the opportunity in order to familiarize yourself with the work besides comprehend whether it predisposed worthy buying all sequel. 
Each subsequent chapter will be able price $0.14, besides you will come new unforgettable impressions approximately the culture of Russian writing. 
Can't wait in order to plunge into universe of Russian imagination? 
Come will visit us at Zelluloza.ru besides come acquainted with the creativity of our writers.